The Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type

The Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type

The Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type - A Cherina Beachwear™ Style Guide

We all know what it's like to try on that swimsuit that looked so, so good on the rack...only to struggle in front of the mirror. It's easy to come up with a million reasons why we can never pull it off.   Then comes the craving for ice cream and chocolate.   Well, it's time to break that cycle. (That's chocolate abuse, girls!) There is a Cherina for you! One that will make heads turn and let you feel just as beautiful as you are. There are a limitless number of body types, and the key is to celebrate all of them. Keep the guide below in a special little corner of your mind, and you'll be smiling into the mirror in no time!

Colors are your dearest friends.

Bright colors will draw attention, and warmer colors will do so more strongly than cool ones. Dark colors will help to hide those details we'd rather just disappear. Regardless of your shape, wear the right colors in the right spots to ensure you like what you're seeing as much as everyone else will.

Slender build? Let the fashion show it off.

Add some ruffles with a coquette bikini top and a skirt with some flare. Horizontal cuts and lined patterns can also accentuate the bust and hips. A push-up or padded top will add some definition to the bust line. A bottom with a V-cut will show a little more skin and create some curves. Alternatively, a solid color one-piece or monokini will cover more while highlighting a sleek figure. Don't be afraid to try on some of those energetic patterns and prints -- a smaller frame will let the swimsuit sing!

Plus size? Pick a style that loves what you've got.

Vertical patterns and textures will draw eyes up-and-down, rather than side-to-side, creating a leaner figure, especially if you pick a one-piece. Use bright colors contrasted with darker panels on the sides to create an hourglass effect. An underwire will add support and comfort while accentuating your features. Go for wider straps, a high back, and high waist bikini bottoms to smooth out any lumps. Well, the ones we don't want to draw attention to! ;) <3

Full bust? Just cater to the girls.

An underwire is probably the most obvious choice, but think about wide straps, a wide bandeau bikini top, or a halter top to both add support and still show that figure off. Busier patterns will simultaneously add some modesty and create a little flare. A plunging neckline will flirt a bit more and only confirm that you've got curves for days...

Wide shoulders? Learn to play the angles.

Try an asymmetrical shoulder strap to highlight your whole figure. Bright colors or patterns down the center of the body with darker colors at the sides will also create a curvier appearance. Some ruching in the bust line or mid section can have the same effect in a more playful way.

Short torso? Simply find the right balance.

Once again, an asymmetrical design can create the shape you're after. A one-piece with darkly colored sides or a monokini will accent an hourglass figure. If wearing a two-piece, try a low-rise bottom to lengthen the midriff paired with a halter top or tanktini to round out the style.

Hips -- it's all in the hips. Just swing with it.

For wide thighs and curvy bums, draw the eye upward instead. Off-the-shoulder cuts will tease the eye up to the neckline. Brightly colored bandeau bikini or tanktini tops will also have the same effect, especially when coupled with a muted, high waist bikini bottom.

Tummy puff? You can wave it away.

A one-piece cut to create a sleek figure can hide the poofiness while drawing plenty of attention to your other assets. Vertical patterns or textures down the mid section can also create a slimming affect. Legs were made for walking. And showing off. For those of you that love dresses with a slit that goes all the way up, or if you have shorter legs and want to lengthen them, V-cut bottoms are your best bet. Strings or straps that sit higher on the thigh will elongate the leg and hip.

Accessories are there to flaunt.

Experiment with extras to spice up your look and cleverly achieve some of the same effects as discussed above. A cover up can add texture, color, or hide the bottom and tease the figure beneath. Choose a hat to grant some shade and draw the eye up. A necklace will fall along your contours and accent the bust area. Perhaps play with a waist or body chain to create lines where you want them, highlight curves, and add a little glamour to your ensemble. Using these tips, you're guaranteed to find a look that fits uniquely you. An image in your own Cherina. Sexiness and happiness that comes from confidence.   Cherina Beachwear is all about allowing women to look and be beautiful.
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